Belated Comic Con Post

I realize all of my friends are sick of seeing this, but being a new blog and all, and being as the Con just passed, I figure I’ll post this and get it out of the way, never to post it again on this site (I lied).

This is the cover I did for the 2008 San Diego Comic Con Event Guide. The print run of this is well over one-hundred-thousand, so this is the biggest print run any of my work will ever see. Come to think of it, most of my work never sees print. In any case, it was also included in Spectrum 16 (page 22), published in 2009.

So how did a nobody like me get this coveted gig? Every year there are anniversaries of one thing or another, and fans are encouraged to submit illustrations to include in the souvenir book (which is the other book given away at the Con, along with the Event Guide). In any case, one of the themes was editorial cartoons, and other anniversaries were that of Bat-Man and Superman. So I just threw those all together and, because it was an election year, came up with this. David Glanzer, Director of Marketing & PR for Comic Con International saw it and fell in love with it, so he phoned me and asked me if I would do a colored version for the Event Guide cover, because it would be the first year that the Event Guide was printed in color. After thinking it over for about a nanosecond, I agreed. (David apparently collects original art and is into editorial cartoons, so he offered to buy the original drawing.)


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