Spaced Out

I was recently asked to design an interior for a kid’s room which reflected a space-port theme, so I did a rough monochromatic concept design (these wouldn’t be actual colors) from the point of view of each side of the room. What you see here is the view from the door, and only two walls are illustrated. I showed the design for the other two walls from the other side of the room. My job was not to furnish the room, but only to basically design the wall and ceiling area, leaving the carpet alone (which is why there’s no kind of tile). The ceiling was high enough that I was able to bring it down so as to have that hangar exit up top. Also, those sliding hatch doors actually open to reveal the bedroom’s windows. I really have no idea how much, if any, of this will actually be implemented, but I certainly would have thought this was cool when I was a kid.


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