Got Bills?

My wife sent me this image recently from an article she had read. I just thought I’d share it, because many people treat artists as if they’re simply engaging in a hobby rather than a profession. For those of you who make your living creating art, remind others that you have bills just like they.



4 thoughts on “Got Bills?

  1. Good one. People always ask me to make a portrait for them for free. It’s just irritating. They don’t go to the dentist and ask for a free treatment either. When I say I ask money for it they say: “Oh, I thought you did it with passion”. Just crazy.


    • Yeah, I know what you mean — what does passion have to do with not charging for work? If a dentist (to use your example) has a passion for practicing medicine, does that mean he’s willing to work for free? For some reason, some people believe that being creative requires no time or effort. Either that, or they simply don’t value our time or efforts.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment and for visiting!


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