Last Pics from San Diego As Comic Con Wraps Up For 2014

Jim Steranko

Comics giant, Jim Steranko, made an appearance at the Vanguard publisher booth.

J. Scott Campbell

J. Scott Campbell signing copies of his sketchbooks.

Lego Spider-Man

Lego Spider-Man

Power Rangers

Power Ranger

Adam Hughs

AH! Adam Hugs sketches for a fan.

Darth Vader & Boba Fett

Swingers, Darth Vader & Boba Fett

Lou Ferrigno Hulk poster

I missed Lou Ferrigno this year. He’s always there signing and taking pics for the fans… for a price.

The Goon & Gibson Les Paul guitar

Gibson had Eric Powell, creator and artist of The Goon comic, hand-paint this Les Paul. Pretty cool!

King of Comic Con

I asked this guy if he was the king of comics, and he corrected me and indicated he was the “King of Comic Con”…okay…

Kung Fu dude with Spider-Man backpack

Hiiiiii-YA! … C-ya


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