My kids have been creating their own games on Scratch, the MIT site designed to teach principles of programming to children. One of my daughters has been particularly dedicated to trying more complex things, so I told her I would illustrate assets for her to create a scrolling game.

I illustrated and articulated this character in different positions used to create a simple frame-by-frame animation.

Because there will be quite a few to produce (and as I’m just doing this on my spare time), I have to make each asset a basic design. However, being able to help my kids be creative is really fun and I’m looking forward to seeing her develop her talents.



2 thoughts on “RATS

    • Thanks!

      I used to design/illustrate iOS apps, but I don’t know how to program. That got me thinking that it would be cool if the kids knew how to program as well as do other creative things like art, video editing, and so forth. This way they could work together to create cross-media projects.

      Thanks again for commenting!


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