Kid, Inc

Here are a few examples of the strip, “Kid, Inc.”, on which I worked for a client. I didn’t write or conceive of this comic at all; I was only hired to illustrate a handful of strips. Although I was asked to submit character designs, I had to work within the style that was already established for those strips which had already been completed before I came on board, which may explain why it doesn’t look like my style. (I tend to do a lot of different styles for different people; many of which are far removed from what I’d produce on my own.)

The first example is a weekly, B&W strip, and the second is the colored Sunday strip. You can find the website for the comic HERE.

Kid Inc WeeklyKid Inc Sunday


A Different Style

ConanThis was an early effort at using Poser and a film-still as reference for an illustration of Conan. I don’t think this style is really my thing, but it was an interesting exercise.

I think I’m just too lazy to chase down and assemble the kind reference necessary for this type of thing. I’d rather just make something up out of my head and doodle it out on my own. Of course, doing it all from one’s own imagination doesn’t always allow for as much realism, but I find it’s a lot more fun using my imagination. Still, there are plenty of times I’m forced to use reference. After all, I don’t have a photographic memory.