“Three Dumbbells”

Here’s another Slapstix clown design I did at Cast Art. I probably did a hundred Slapstix designs while there, so not all of them were made. I don’t recall if we ever made this one. I eventually used a similar gag/pose on another character design I did.


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The Poker Face

I decided to dust off an old Slapstix figurine design from Cast Art for today’s post.


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Frankie Fan



Back To Out Regularly Scheduled programming…

No sooner do we finally get rain and a some cool weather than, about a week later, we’re back up to 83 degrees. It’s business as usual in So Cal.


“Be Mine”… Or not

For all of you love-sick saps…

Valentine Slapstix

There’s No Men Like Snowmen



The Poker Face

Some people just can’t keep a straight face. Others, well…


Tax Time

Frank_GrauIt’s tax time …

I hate preparing my taxes. It’s always a big headache, what with all the paperwork I need to dig up and organize.


Stay Frosty

Actually, this isn’t Frosty. It’s a clown snowman from the Slapstix figurines line. One of the bazillion Christmas items I designed while at Cast Art Industries.Slapstix Snowman designed by Frank Grau

Christmas Past – Part 2

Christmas snowman figurine designed by Frank GrauContinuing from yesterday, here are more Christmas giftware designs I created for various lines.

The “thin” snowman is from the same line as the “thin” Santa I shared yesterday.

I’m also sharing some designs I did for a baby shoe ornament line called Baby Steps. Rather than show my drawings, I thought I’d show you the finished product from images scanned from Cast Art Industries’ catalog. I designed about a dozen of these Christmas ornaments. I also designed another dozen of these, which were non-Christmas, musical versions, and of which I’m including an image.Baby Steps ornament designed by Frank GrauBaby Steps musical designed by Frank GrauChristmas ornament designed by Frank GrauChristmas ornament designed by Frank Grau