The thing I hate about going to the zoo is that I rarely see the animals because they’re always hiding or sleeping behind a rock or in a cave or something else. About the only things that can’t hide are large animals like giraffes, rhinos, and elephants, and half the time some of those are off somewhere being fed or washed or massaged or something. Consequently, the zoo turns out to be not quite as entertaining as, say, a trip to the dentist when you know they’ll be using nitro.


Anyhow, I’ve never actually gone to the zoo with the intent of sitting around and sketching, though I’ve always wanted to do that. When I needed to draw animals before the days of the internet, it required a trip to the library and checking out whatever reference material I could find. The internet changed all that and now I can just do a quick search to find reference. It’s amazing how easy it is to find proper reference material in this day and age. The downside? Well, the downside is that everyone is looking up the same reference. It’s like artistic inbreeding or something.