Cozmo’s Gingerbread House



Have A Cozmo Christmas



Alien Ideas

When I first created Cozmo, the Little Green Dude™ as a figurine line and presented it to my employer at the time, Cast Art Industries, I had also created a lot of other humorous, alien-based scenarios to accompany the line and which also never saw the light of day.


Back in the 90’s anything and everything could be made into a figurine with modest success. Unfortunately, by the time I had created Cozmo, the figurine market was on its deathbed and, like many of my artistic efforts, suffered from poor timing. This particular doodle was one of many ideas I would do more as a brainstorming exercise.

Something About Being “Worth A Thousand Words”

Cozmo - Raining Cats & Dogs

I wish I could say it’s finally starting to look like winter around here, but despite the rain and my chance to finally use the fireplace, I suspect things will clear up soon and we’ll be back to temperatures in the high seventies. In the meantime, I’m thankful for our brief downpour.

The Magic Kingdom

Yeah, I know, I haven’t posted since Christmas. So sue me…

My average day pretty much consists of waking up at the crack of noon, showering, grabbing a bite and a cup of joe, walking all the way to work (which is about ten steps from my bedroom), going through all the junk-mail in my spam folder, noodling around on my guitar for a few minutes, and then hitting the drawing board (or computer, depending on what the job entails). By the time I end my day, I’ve worn out my interest at being either in front of a drawing board or computer, so attending to the blog drops to the bottom of my to-do list.


Of course, I do try to take some time off on occasion, and last year we managed to set aside enough shekels to purchase annual passes to Disneyland, which, for our family of six, is equivalent to the cost of purchasing a small island. Thus far, we’ve availed ourselves of those passes and attended almost every week. The wife and kids enjoy going because, well, it’s Disneyland. I like going because I find it to be a source of artistic inspiration. My professional work is something I rarely find personally exciting, though on occasion I do get to do something that interests me (my work with Ayars Animation was really great fun, which I miss). So while I have very little time for personal projects, being at Disneyland helps me remain encouraged to keep pursuing my own ideas. So that’s where I’m off to…

Any of you sunny So Cal folk want to meet up and race me at Autopia?