Guitar Break #1

The the thing about social media is you can either post the same thing everywhere or do something different for every separate site; I’ve made the judicious decision to opt for the latter, somewhat lazier course, so if you’ve already seen this elsewhere yesterday, just ignore it.

Anyway, this is me (in my work uniform) taking a break from toiling at the drawing board (or, rather, the Cintiq). This was a little tune I made up. It’s not really a “song”, since it’s short, has no singing or additional instruments, and isn’t really structured. But, hey, it’s fun to play. Anyway, I tend to get nervous in front of a camera, so there are a lot of little mistakes, but you’ll get the gist of it.

The guitar is my Hamer Californian; one of my three Hamers.

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Starting My Workday

Many a day I wake up at the crack of noon, get dressed (in something that covers my underwear), and walk to work (down the hall) to begin work by “warming up”.

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