Cozmo’s Billboards

Cozmo's Day OffOne of the backgrounds I created for the interactive iOS children’s book app, Cozmo’s Day Off, by Ayars Animation contained an alien city scene, with ships and rockets zipping about. As on all of the pages, there were many fun little interactive elements on this page for kids to discover.

One of the interactive elements on page 8 is the ability to rub a couple of billboards which exposes different ads underneath. You can see below where they’re located on the page.

Cozmo's Day Off page 8

Here are some of the silly billboard designs I created for this interactive feature. The really fun thing about producing this book app was the freedom I had to be as creative or goofy as I pleased. In fact, we had far more ideas for this book app than we could feasibly implement.

Cozmo's Billboards

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Designing an iOS App

I buy lots of “Art of…” books because I enjoy seeing the preproduction process as much as the finished product. For those who share my interest, here are just a few rough layouts I did when hired to help design a iOS app for children developed by Whitestone Media.

These rough sketches help establish the layout of pages, where the hot spots are and other interactive items. This is just the beginning phase of production design.


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