Monkeying Around

AnotherMonkey fireman & Elephant rough doodle…



You, Too, Can Send A Monkey Into Space

When illustrating for work, I usually have a firm direction in which I’m headed. I have an assignment, and I know what I have in mind before putting pencil to paper.

When I’m doodling around just for fun, however, I often have no idea what I’m going to draw. Sometimes I’ll just start drawing a character and keep adding things until I wind up with a lot of nonsense. Other times, I’ll manage to coax the image into telling some kind of story, or maybe just portray something humorous.

The cool thing about drawing is that you can create anything you like. Want to see a monster eat your teacher? No problem; just draw it. Want to send a monkey into space? Yeah, you can do that, too. Anything can come to life in art. The sky’s the limit.

So what do you like to draw?