Production Backgrounds

And here are still other production backgrounds I illustrated for the Jack and the Beanstalk iOS interactive children’s book app.

Here’s another production background I used more than once for Jack and the Beanstalk. Since I had to show Jack run away from the giant’s castle a couple of times, I used the full production background in one instance, and I then tightened the shot a bit on the second time around.As you can see below, besides slightly tightening the shot, I also changed the clouds in this second shot. That’s because I didn’t feel the zoom-in was substantial enough to look different, so I thought something else should change. Those taller billowy clouds were prominent enough that their removal would give the sky a significantly different feel. I also added more clouds to the foreground and softened the overall shading of the clouds. 

I also reused the background below by doing a night and day version.

Giant’s Castle

Here’s are some more roughs from Jack and the Beanstalk. In the first one, you can see I used the entire background illustration. 

One thing about doing backgrounds completely separate from any other elements is that I’m able to save time by using the same background more than once. In the image below, I used the same background as in the page above, but I zoomed into the shot so that we’re not looking at exactly the same thing. Using the backgrounds like this helped me to create more story pages.