Tattoo, Tattoo

Frank_Grasu_Space_ChickSomeone contacted me for permission to use an illustration of mine as a tattoo. I thought that was kind of cool, so I told them to go ahead. When the tattoo was finished, they sent me a picture of it. It’s different than the original, but it’s still the same general theme.

On the left of the image is a close-up detail of my original (you can check out the entire thing at my website if you like), with the tattoo next to it for comparison.

Space Chicks, Ray Guns & Things With Tentacles

Last weekend we dropped by a small comic show which takes place once a month at the Claremont Packing House. I know the guy who runs the show, and back in 2009 he asked me if I could do a poster or something for the show. I figured it was easier to let him just use something I was working on at the time. So when we passed by last weekend, I noticed he was still using the image. Unfortunately, the colors in the printed poster appear to be from an unfinished version of the image, which I probably sent to him so he could see what I was working on. It was never meant to be printed in that unfinished condition. So here’s a shot of the poster as it appears at the show, and below is the finished image, as it should have been printed.