Who Ya Gonna Call?

Now that the video was released a couple of days ago, I won’t be in violation of my NDA for sharing the storyboards I did for RCA’s music video of G-Eazy & Jeremiah’s “Saw it Coming” off the ‘Ghostbusters’ Motion Picture Soundtrack. Here’s the video in its released form.

So I was called at the last minute to a location meeting in L.A. a couple of weeks ago to scout out the indoor swap-meet where the video would be shot. Afterwards I sat down with the director to review the script. They needed the boards by around 6PM the next evening. Not knowing how long it would take, I decided to begin working as soon as I got home, so I had the wife put on a pot of coffee and I began drawing through the night. Well, I kept drawing nonstop until just past 6PM the next evening, so I really rushed the final boards, and it shows. Naturally, I passed out after pulling an all-nighter 18 hour drawing marathon.

While some things I’ve storyboarded in the past remained pretty true to the boards, many things in this video were different, but the director, Taylor Cohen, is a creative guy and probably had a lot of ideas for pickup shots while shooting and during post-production.

Here are the storyboards I did for comparison to the final video. Keep in mind that these are meant for production, not public presentation, so they’re rough.

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From Storyboards To Film

I don’t follow who’s who in Hollywood, so I usually don’t know the names of current actors unless they’ve been around long enough to become household names. So when we took the kids to the drive-in last night to see Jurassic World, I had no idea who the lead actress, Bryce Dallas Howard, was.Bryce Dallas HowardThe thing is, I knew I saw her before and it struck me that she reminded me of an actress who starred in a film short I had storyboarded in 2009 for Ten Cent Adventures called “Despair” (2010), directed by photographer, Alex Prager.

Bryce Dallas Howard_Despair_phoneWhen I got home, I looked Bryce Dallas Howard up on IMDB and it turned out that she indeed was that same actress.

That made me think that I never thought to share those boards here in the past, so I thought I’d share the storyboards HERE and the video so you can compare how close the film-short kept to the boards. Keep in mind, as always, that storyboards are not meant for public consumption, so forgive their raw nature. They’re only meant to establish shots and I needed to crank out 32 panels in a reasonably quick time.

Looking back at these storyboards, it struck me as strange that I drew them in square panels, because that’s not obviously an aspect ratio used for film (unless you count square televisions from the 1950’s). I’m not sure why I drew them that way.


Here’s a quick comparison between the storyboard panel and the finished shot. You can go back to the link and look at each panel and compare them to the shots and see that they really stayed true to the boards.

I recently storyboarded another film-short for Alex Prager again, so when that’s shot I’ll probably share that here.

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More Storyboard Samples

I did these some time ago, but for those who haven’t seen them, here is a short sequence from an animated short I storyboarded called, “The Piñata”.


Storyboard Sample

Quite a few years ago, Doug McHenry, the director/producer of the film, New Jack City, commissioned me to do storyboards for New Jack City 2. These are one a few of the handful I rendered just to give you an idea of the kinds of storyboards I did for this project. These were never meant for public consumption, so it’s not finished artwork. It’s only a rough concept of the story to show how the shots work out. NewJackCity2