Yet Another Background Illustration

Here’s the latest background I did at Plain Joe Studios for River Valley’s Go Kids program. This is by far my favorite background I’ve done for them. Or maybe it was just the most fun to illustrate. I think I just have a dark side to me that I enjoy something a little more spooky in a fun, Saturday-morning-cartoon sort of way (though I don’t at all care for ‘horror’ as a genre).

River Valley Go Kids “Valley of Shadows”

To be entirely frank (because, like Groot, “I am Frank”), I’m lazy about geometric precision. Give me a jungle to draw any day over a city scene with skyscrapers and bazillions of windows and everything needing to be in perfect perspective — forget about it. The fun thing about a cartoon ghost-town like this is that I can get all wonky with the structures, which is really fun. Throw in a hint of swamp and a giant skull rock and you’ve got the makings of a Scooby-doo episode. Now this is my cup of tea!

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I started this color sketch for today’s post, but I started to spend too much time on it, so I just stopped where I was at and called it a night. Hopefully it’s interesting enough as is.


Incidentally, I did this all on the Cintiq, and I realized from doing the initial rough sketch that another advantage of the Cintiq is the ability to zoom in when drawing detail. Obviously I zoom in and out while painting detail, but because I usually start my illustrations with a sketch on paper, I didn’t realize how much of an advantage it is to get up close when doing that initial step (although I still prefer the feel of real paper).