The Little Wife

Being an artist, it’s only a matter of time before I’m called on to do the occasional project for a friend or family member. In this case, I designed a header for my wife’s blog.

Since I had purchased my wife a vintage, pink Royal typewriter, she wanted to feature it in the image. As you can see, the two rough doodles are not as graphic (flat and cartoonish) as the final design, which is what you see at the bottom.

A Homeschool Mom blog header design by Frank GrauUnlike myself, my wife likes to change things on occasion, so she requested I do seasonal versions of the final design, which she then can swap out throughout the year (and I’ll be getting to that soon enough). I don’t mind her making such requests … it’s better than being asked to paint the house.

How to Change the World

Invent the typewriter. Oh, wait, that’s already been done. Never mind.

Professor Richard Polt is editor of ETCetera magazine, a journal which focuses mainly on antique typewriter collecting. Next month (December 2012), the magazine is publishing its 100th issue, and Richard asked if I would illustrate a caricature of inventor, Christopher Latham Sholes, for the cover of that issue. Since I enjoy collecting a few of these machines myself I donated time to create this image. Hopefully Richard won’t mind my sharing this with readers (I doubt anyone who subscribes to ETCetera visits this blog, so it shouldn’t be a spoiler for anyone).

You can visit Professor Polt’s own typewriter blog HERE. He has a couple of hundred typewriters in his collection as is considered pretty much an expert on the subject.

Kitty Letter

In case it wasn’t already clear, I like vintage typewriters, so occasionally one will turn up in a doodle. Here’s a sketch I had posted on the typosphere.