More “War of the Rocketmen”

This is yet another character design for the “War Of the Rocketmen” project. I won’t divulge anything more about the project than the designs I’m doing. You can follow the project HERE and on its Facebook page.

Because so much of the series involves aviation, I thought I’d illustrate a vintage-style airfield as the backdrop behind this character.


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War of the Rocket Men – Part 2

Here’s another poster I did for the War of the Rocket Men project. I was asked to make the Rocket Man punching Hitler, a la Captain America #1.



War of the Rocket Men

John Semper Jr., producer and head writer of  ‘Spider-Man: The Animated Series’ hosted a panel at this past weekend’s Comikaze expo at the L.A. Convention Center. He asked me to create an illustration with which he could announce his new project, which would be based on the old Commando Cody/King of the Rocket Men serial. I only had a day or so to throw something together because I had other project commitments, but here’s the finished  illustration I created for him. John launched a Facebook page to follow the progress of this project, so you can follow it HERE.

Here’s an interview Comic Book Cast with writer, John Semper.

Rocket Men poster

Here’s a shot of the original character from the old serial. This is the character that inspired Dave Stevens’ creation, The Rocketeer.

Commando Cody