WAR OF THE ROCKETMEN Crowdfunding Campaign

Rocketmen3John Semper Jr., producer and head-writer of the 1990’s “SPIDER-MAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES”, has finally launched the crowd-funding campaign for “WAR OF THE ROCKETMEN,” on which I did some preliminary concept work.

FG_RocketMan_ComicIf you’re interested in donating to this project, you can do so HERE.

Even if you’re not interested in donating, please just check out John’s presentation video. If it’s something you’d like to see move forward, please share the link with others.



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More “War of the Rocketmen”

This is yet another character design for the “War Of the Rocketmen” project. I won’t divulge anything more about the project than the designs I’m doing. You can follow the project HERE and on its Facebook page.

Because so much of the series involves aviation, I thought I’d illustrate a vintage-style airfield as the backdrop behind this character.


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War Of The Rocketmen

Here’s a character design illustration for Schuyler “Sky” King, lead character of the War Of The Rocketmen project. I was asked to follow a certain retro style, so I looked to the Fleischer Superman for inspiration for this particular layout.


War of the Rocketmen – Another Round

Another poster I did for the War of the Rocketmen project.