Comics – Dandelion Odyssey

For those who’ve never bothered viewing my website, here’s a cover I did some time ago for a comic called Dandelion Odyssey (actually, I illustrated the entire issue, not just the cover).

This style was a departure of what I normally do, but it was fun trying something what for me would be out of the ordinary. I hate feeling like I do the same thing all of the time, so attempting to do different styles is a good change of pace. Falling into a creative rut or settling on doing one thing over and over tends to stunt creative growth (or perhaps is a symptom of some other issue).

Dandelion Odyssey

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Sequential Storytelling

I’ve never wanted to do animation, because it seemed like one had to draw nearly the same thing over and over, with only slight changes between drawings. In all honesty, that seemed too tedious and uninteresting for my limited attention span.

Comics, on the other hand, allows for more progress from panel to panel, so it was something that appealed to me more than animating — though, if I had my druthers, I’d rather trim the fat even further and simply do an illustrated book. In any case, I’ve always found sequential storytelling an interesting enterprise.

Here’s a page from a comic I did some time ago which had very little dialogue or text and depended heavily on imagery to tell the story. Hopefully, I didn’t entirely choke in my attempt to express the story in pictures. Well, the writer was very happy with the work I did on her story, so at least someone was satisfied with my effort.


Better Late Than Never

Rats, I forgot to post something today. Well, here’s an old comic cover I did, sans the titles.



Assorted Comic Covers

Frank_Grau_Z2H_01As I mentioned in my last post, I went on to illustrate a few comics for a Canadian company, and here are the covers for a few of them.

This first one was about a cowboy in America who returns home to Ireland and encounters some fairy-world adventure.








I didn’t have a copy of this second cover with the title & text, but I believe it was called “How the West Was Won”, or some such thing.


The last one was my first attempt at something manga-ish, for lack of a better term. It was the style I was asked to work with, though I probably would never do this kind of thing on my own.