“Crime is a sucker’s road…”

“Crime is a sucker’s road. Those that travel it wind up in prison, the gutter, or the grave. There’s no other way. But they never learn.”

I’ve always enjoyed that opening line, read by Gerald Mohr in the old time radio (OTR) program, The Adventure’s of Philip Marlowe. I don’t know if that line was actually written by Chandler or not, but it sounds as if it could have been. In any case, I had doodled this while working and listening to some OTR detective program (I’m not sure if I was listening to Philip Marlowe, Richard Diamond, or Box 13, but it was something of that nature). I decided to take a break from my regular assignment and noodle around for fun.

I’m sure many of you have some sort of media playing while working on your art. Do you listen to music? OTR? Audio books? Sermons? Motivational tapes? Radio? Or perhaps you have a movie playing in the background, or, like I’ve done on occasion, have a movie playing on a second monitor (which slows down your computer considerably)? Or do you just prefer silence?


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