“Draw Faster!”

When I first joined Frank Ayars -programming genius, president and founder of Ayars Animation, and all around great guy- in his new venture, producing interactive iOS mobile apps for children, we were working at quite a clip. I would produce all the imagery for our fist app, Jack and the Beanstalk, and then hand off the files so that he could implement them.

We were really just a two-man operation as far as the main production went – though, of course there was voice talent, music, family support, and the grace of God to keep us going, so we by no means can take sole credit for anything. But the bulk of the work fell on us to get this thing done, and though he was in no way new to programming, and though I was in no way new to illustration or product development, we were channeling our efforts into something that presented a new frontier for both of us, and we’ve since learned some hard but useful lessons about this business. Our hope is that we can put that hard-earned knowledge to use.

The attached doodle was something I did for fun while we were in production with that first app. Those were exciting times.


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