Leaving Comic Con 2014

After 4.5 days of crazy crowds, people are packing up their booty and heading home. I can’t wait to go through the books I brought home… I’m not sure what to do with the styrofoam Sharknado 2 chainsaw…

Leaving Comic Con 2014

Last Pics from San Diego As Comic Con Wraps Up For 2014

Jim Steranko

Comics giant, Jim Steranko, made an appearance at the Vanguard publisher booth.

J. Scott Campbell

J. Scott Campbell signing copies of his sketchbooks.

Lego Spider-Man

Lego Spider-Man

Power Rangers

Power Ranger

Adam Hughs

AH! Adam Hugs sketches for a fan.

Darth Vader & Boba Fett

Swingers, Darth Vader & Boba Fett

Lou Ferrigno Hulk poster

I missed Lou Ferrigno this year. He’s always there signing and taking pics for the fans… for a price.

The Goon & Gibson Les Paul guitar

Gibson had Eric Powell, creator and artist of The Goon comic, hand-paint this Les Paul. Pretty cool!

King of Comic Con

I asked this guy if he was the king of comics, and he corrected me and indicated he was the “King of Comic Con”…okay…

Kung Fu dude with Spider-Man backpack

Hiiiiii-YA! … C-ya

Comic Con 2014 – More Pics

I’ll just keep posting these throughout the week/weekend…


Sharknado seems to be on its way to becoming a cult classic.


Big toy companies have a big presence at the Con.


Film studios continue to eat up floor space at the Con as well.


Even babies were getting in on the act.

ComicCon2014-004 ComicCon2014-005 ComicCon2014-006

Comic Con 2014 – Wednesday’s Show

The last two days were long and tiring, what with wading through the thick crowd of bodies on the convention floor of the San Diego Comic Con. Here are only a few of the shots I took. I’ll post more tomorrow.

ComicCon Gaslamp

We took a walk around San Diego’s Gas Lamp District adjacent to the convention center. As usual, the local retailers made the most of the Con with banners, posters, characters, decorations, and boosted retails prices to serve the 100,000+ attendees.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.22.58 AM

Preview Night used to the be a more relaxing and less crowded day. Now it seems to be one of the most crowded days of the Con. The crowds were thick and sweaty.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.23.57 AM

Hot Wheels had a large booth, complete with this Darth Vader-mobile. It was pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.24.32 AM

Marky Ramone of The Ramones was at a table selling still-shots (at $30 a shot) of an animated scene from The Simpsons in which he made a guest appearance. Comic Con – where old rockers go to die.

C’ya at the Con! (Reblogged from last year)

Originally posted on Frank Grau Illustration:

I realize all of my friends are sick of seeing this, but being a new blog and all, and being as the Con just passed, I figure I’ll post this and get it out of the way, never to post it again on this site.

This is the cover I did for the 2008 San Diego Comic Con Event Guide. The print run of this is well over one-hundred-thousand, so this is the biggest print run any of my work will ever see. Come to think of it, most of my work never sees print. In any case, it was also included in Spectrum 16 (page 22), published in 2009.

So how did a nobody like me get this coveted gig? Every year there are anniversaries of one thing or another, and fans are encouraged to submit illustrations to include in the souvenir book (which is the other book given…

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